Toward diversifying research participants: Measurement invariance of the Male Role Norms Inventory–Short Form (MRNI-SF) across recruitment method.

To facilitate recruitment of more diverse samples, the measurement invariance of the Male Role Norms Inventory–Short Form (MRNI-SF) across participant recruitment method (college/university vs. Internet) was assessed by conducting a series of multigroup confirmatory factor analyses using structural equation modeling. The first step was to determine the variance composition of the MRNI-SF in the current study (N = 1,507). Although previous research has found the MRNI-SF best specified as having a bifactor structure, the common factors model fit best in the current study. Support was found for configural, metric, and scalar invariance. Such support for strong invariance allows researchers to feel confident that participants from the 2 different collection methods construe scale scores in the same way. Latent factor means for 4 specific factors were found to be invariant: Self-Reliance Through Mechanical Skills, Negativity Toward Sexual Minorities, Avoidance of Femininity, and Toughness. Although the evidence for invariance of the residuals was equivocal, strict invariance was not supported. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)