Simplifying the estimation of violence risk by police among individuals charged for sexual assault.

The six items from the Static-2002R that form the Brief Assessment of Recidivism Risk—2002R (BARR-2002R) have demonstrated very good predictive accuracy for violent recidivism with postadjudicated individuals who have sexually offended. In light of the constrained resources in law enforcement, the BARR-2002R may be a valuable tool to evaluate risk for identifiable perpetrators of sexual assault. The present study investigates the utility of the BARR-2002R to predict future violence propensities of 293 individuals who have been charged for sexual assault. The BARR-2002R showed a large effect in its ability to predict future general and violent offending and was associated with increased frequency of reoffending, including violent reoffending. The BARR-2002R was associated with the imminence of any recidivism but not violent recidivism. The severity of future violent offending was not associated with BARR-2002R scores. Findings suggest that the BARR-2002R may have a place in policing to evaluate violence risk among individuals charged with sexual assault. Implications of risk evaluation in law enforcement are further discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2019 APA, all rights reserved)