Review of <em>Psychologizing: A personal, practice-based approach to psychology</em>.

Reviews the book, Psychologizing: A Personal, Practice-Based Approach to Psychology by Patrick M. Whitehead (2017). This book is a gentle, yet strong reading of the history and current status of a discipline in the throes of a protracted identity crisis. It is a comprehensive overview of the questions Psychology raises, but it is in the first place an introduction to psychologizing: “the collective production of knowledge or process of learning psychology” (p. 6). Whitehead’s book will not stand in for a concise survey of Psychology of the sort provided by the glossy (and expensive) tomes known as Psychology textbooks, and it does not pretend to. Instead it is an exercise and fitness manual for those interested in learning how to take the psychological perspective. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)