Client feedback in China: A randomized clinical trial in a college counseling center.

Although client feedback has been demonstrated to improve psychotherapy outcomes in over a dozen randomized clinical trials, no studies to date have investigated the feedback effect outside of the United States or Europe. This study examined the impact of a client feedback intervention, the Partners for Change Outcome Management System, in a college counseling center in Wuhan, China (N = 186). Using a randomized design within routine care, treatment as usual (TAU; n = 85) was compared with a feedback condition (n = 101) in which therapists had access to client-generated outcome and alliance information at each session. Clients in the feedback condition demonstrated significantly greater improvement than those in the TAU condition at posttreatment. Not-on-track (n = 60) clients also demonstrated significantly more improvement at 6 times the rate of reliable change compared with the TAU condition. Survival analysis revealed that 66.7% of the clients in the feedback condition achieved reliable and clinically significant change after a median of 4 sessions whereas 57.0% of the clients in the TAU condition achieved reliable and clinically significant change after a median of 6 sessions. Alliance scores improved significantly more across treatment and were higher at posttreatment in the feedback condition. Although preliminary, this study suggests that the positive effects of improved outcomes and increased efficiency associated with systematic client feedback can also occur in a college counseling setting in China. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)